Corporate Culture


Corporate Culture:

Enterprise missionCustomer first, a professional stock supplier of components.

Enterprise strategic targetTo be hundreds brand, do the profession model.

Corporate objectivetraining best staff, building best team, carry out the first-class management, supply best service, becoming the first-class brand.

Enterprise Spirit:Working hard, diligence and frugality, love and dedication, unity, fraternity, and vigorous, with a sense of justice.

Enterprise heart:,The value of the team is more important than corporate--Value, integrity is more important than profit-- reputation,  brand is more important than the company - development, market is more important than planning- pragmatic, people's manner is more important than doing things - character, the staff is more important than the boss - Wealth. 

Enterprise valuesResponsibility is most important, achievement comes from hard work! Ashamed to pass the buck, proud of dedication! Customer demand as own duty, take the win-win cooperation as the goal!

Enterprise group culture:Sincerity is first, openness basing on sincerity!  Character decided Products! Each employee  adhere to the principle of " first person,after work,"! There is no perfect person, only perfect team.


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